Fees-Trust Investment

5 months ago Updated

Fee for deposit: free

Fee for trading: MakerTaker and VIP system have been launched, the transaction rate is as low as -0.03%.To learn more, click me

Fee for withdrawal:

We will adjust the withdrawal fees according to the blockchain conditions regularly.


Trustinvestment Margin Trading Interest Rate Details: 
  • 1st Week is 0.05%, 2nd Week is 0.07%, starting from 3rd week is 0.1%
  • Trustinvestment special privilage: If user close positon before 10am, interest incurred since 10am the day before will be waived.

    Risk warning: digital assets are a high risk investments. Investors should pay attention to the risks before any investment. Trustinvestment does its due diligence to do background check on the tokens listed but Trustinvestment doesn’t endors or support them and Trustinvestment is not responsible for any investment result of users of Trustinvestment platform.